The 10 Most Beautiful Private Islands


How many times have you dreamt of escaping the harsh and often unpleasant realities of life and running off to your own private island? Imagine… pure white sand, luscious exotic vegetation, an intimate luxurious cabin, all surrounded by the crystalline blue sea and topped off with peace and harmony. Sounds like an idyllic getaway, in which you can recharge, rest and relax. You can certainly sign us up for this break from the daily grind. However, for some owners of private islands, this is a daily way of life. Some high-flying executives also invest in these islands as a sort of private holiday resort. We have a run-down of some of the most beautiful private islands – if you can’t go there in person, they would certainly serve as a great setting for your dreams!

#10. Antarctic Island – The World, Dubai

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Yep, you read right, the Antarctic…in Dubai. Not really, though! ‘Antarctic’ here refers to one of the 300 artificially made islands off the coast of Dubai. The archipelago known as The World is an architectural feat, with the islands designed to mirror the shape of the world map. This island was gifted to former Formula 1 racer Michael Schumacher by Dubai’s crown prince Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as a retirement present. Antarctic Island is worth a whopping $7 million and can only be reached via boat or helicopter. After the racing legend’s unfortunate skiing accident in December 2013, the fate of the island remains unknown.

#9. The Coco Privé Resort

Located on the private island known as Kuda Hithi in the Maldives, the Coco Privé Resort is an authentic dream island, which seems to have been made specifically for relaxation. The serene environment, natural landscape, exotic beaches and crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean beg for contemplation of life’s pleasures and make for a fantastic antidote to the stressful daily grind. The luxurious villas can accommodate up to 12 guests and feature discreet butler services as well as individual private swimming pools. The highly finished natural interiors have been specifically designed to complement the natural landscape, which can be experienced from the indoors, through the wall to ceiling windows, which offer 24/7 view of the fantastic landscape.

#8. Fowl Cay – The Bahamas

Fowl Cay is located on the Exuma archipelago, in the Bahamas. The resort features a total of 6 villas, ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms, each. The villas come with fully-equipped state-of-the-art kitchens, which can be operated by a private chef, if required. Each villa has breath-taking ocean views, which can be further appreciated through a multitude of glass doors which lead onto the patio, overlooking the azure sea. The picture-perfect resort includes a fine dining al fresco restaurant, a personal boat and golf cart. Villas can be rented individually or guests can opt to rent the entire island, en bloc. The idyllic getaway is a known treasure trove for diving, snorkeling and island-hopping.

#7. Little Thatch Island – The Caribbean

Sea Grape Cottage is nested happily on the beach of the quaintly named Little Thatch Island, which is part of the Virgin Islands. The cottage is really a villa, which was built in the traditional West-Indian style, featuring a simple but understated and authentic décor with white painted wood, clay tiles and terracotta trim. Rugs, rattan furniture and bamboo are the key themes of the interior soft furnishings. The villa features an impressive outdoor dining area, complete with barbeque, grill and hammock, upon which to gently rock to sleep after post-prandial liqueurs. The 54-acre island has hosted a number of celebrities over the years and surely if the coconut palms lining the beach could talk, they would have some juicy tales to tell.

#6. Punto de Vista – Costa Rica

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This fully-staffed Pacific coast luxury villa, overlooks Manuel Antonio beach and is the only hotel on a 2.5 acre tropical reserve. The edgy, modern villa has won several awards for its design and somehow fits in nicely (if unexpectedly) with the natural landscape. Punto de Vista (which means point of view) has an elegant interior décor, with plenty of earth colors and a neutral, harmonious palette. The design maximizes on the natural beauty of the outdoors with large floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing the light and magnificent beach views, inside.

#5. Easter Sister Rock Island – Florida Keys

This 2500 square foot beachfront villa includes 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a swimming pool and a helipad. The list is topped up with an impressive 2000 square foot covered verandah, on which guests can admire uninterrupted 360-degree views of the island. The villa was built in Bahamian-style, with plenty of glass doors and an open plan kitchen/living room, ensuring plenty of social and entertainment space. The interior of the villa employs soft, muted tones, leaving center-stage to the vista which can be admired through the glass doors.

#4. Lady Blue Villa – Great Exuma, the Bahamas

This beach-front villa was completed in September 2014 and was designed along the lines of a Tahitan village. The villa features 4 bedrooms, 4 ½ bathrooms and an infinity edge pool. Each bedroom is a separate structure, with its own bathroom. All 5 buildings are connected by a covered deck. A large outdoor living area ensures that guests can make the most of their experience at Great Exuma. The bright white furniture and balanced, summery décor is in keeping with the ethos of this beach paradise getaway.

#3. Tavern Island – Connecticut

Located in Connecticut’s Norwalk Islands Chain, this 3.5 acre island was purchased by the Zesigers for just under $1 million in 1981. The 6100 square foot main building was completed in circa 1900 in Tudor-style. The understated interiors feature large windows, to ‘bring the outdoors inside’. The island has a pool, an Asian style tea-house and a boat house, which includes a game room, guest bedroom and bathroom. The private mansion, which was once owned by the showman Billy Rose, is now up for sale for a whopping $10 million.

#2. Bougainevilla House Villa – Great Exuma

This Villa, which opened in 2003, has hosted the likes of Penelope Cruz, Javier Barden, Glenn Close and Maury Povich, together with a host of other celebrities. With 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and two kitchens, the villa can host up to 18 adults. The going rate is of $28,000 per week, and includes use of a 10-passenger 26-foot catamaran, and captain. Bougainevilla has 2 separate wings, a garden cottage, and an impressive 8000 square foot outside deck. The Villa is listed with Southeby’s Real Estate for a jaw-dropping $7.5 million.

#1. Necker Island – British Virgin Islands

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This is the home and favorite hideaway of Virgin Group CEO, Sir Richard Branson, by his very own admission. He purchased the 74-acre island way back in 1978 for a measly $180,000, when he was only 28. He invested $10 million to develop the resort, in a three year timeframe. He built a 10-bedroom Balinese-style villa, with Brazilian wood, Asian antiques, Indian rugs as well as fabrics and bamboo from Bali. The Grand House (the island’s largest and main structure) made international headlines in August 2011, when a fire burnt down the house. British actress Kate Winslet, who was a guest of Branson at the time, heroically pulled out his 90-year old mother, Eve from the burning building. Both women, together with Branson’s 29-year old daughter Holly and the other guests at the house escaped the flames, unscathed.


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