Why Your Body Really Needs Sugar


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Sugar is pure evil, right? Seems like it will kill you one way or another – diabetes, heart disease, obesity, take your pick. Eating sugar is about the worst life choice you can make. And if you’re thinking “One piece of cake is no big deal,” for shame! SHAME to those who indulge in the white devil sugar.

If that all sounds a bit bonkers, a tad excessive, verging on crazy…you’re right. We need sugar to live, for goodness sake!

Every process in our bodies relies on glucose (sugar molecules) for energy, from a killer workout to the rebuilding work that happens when we sleep. It’s true that when it comes to sugar there can be too much of a good thing, but we simply cannot function without a certain amount of it.

Your body really needs sugar – let us prove it to you. You will be surprised with number 4 – this effect on your body is a bit unexpected..


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