The Cutest Mixed Dog Breeds You Need To Know About

Although people debate about the ethics of crossbreeding, no one can deny that mutts are some of the cutest puppies. With silly names such as Whoodle, Puggle and Pitt Plott, how can you not want to learn more about these adorable pups? Short, tall, furry, skinny–all the endearing traits of purebreds unite to create the most adorable mixed dog breeds. First up, with have the fluffy mixed breeds. A mix of two furry, cuddly purebreds creates even more snuggly hybrids.

Want A Tiny Husky? Consider A Pomsky!

A brown and white Pomsky sitting in a car
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A Pomsky is a crossbreed between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian, creating a tiny, fluffy, miniature Husky. Because this is a relatively new breed engineered through artificial insemination, experts don’t know a lot about them. But they are vocal, active, social puppies that need a lot of attention.

Pomskies can range from tiny to medium size and develop colorful coats such as grey/white, brown-red, blonde, and others. Since they’re so fluffy, they’re also heavy shedders.

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