This Is What A Foot Bath With Vinegar Can Do For You

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Our feet are the most neglected part of our body; we are not used to paying much attention to our feet until we feel an itch between our toes during the sandal season. Are you the one who neglected your feet for a long time and now your feet are looking for your attention? Then it’s high time to give your feet some relief. All you need is a soothing pedicure with water and vinegar, and guess what, you don’t need an expensive salon for that; you can do it at home. Let me tell you how.

You must be thinking about how vinegar will help you in the long run? Please read on, and you will learn the magical effects of vinegar on the human body.

Helps in reducing swimmer’s eczema

Eczema – this condition is characterized by a common fungal infection that usually affects the foot and occurs mainly on the soles and between the toes. However, as the name suggests, swimming eczema is not only caused by the infected swimming pool water, but it also affects you when you walk around barefoot. During this fungal infection, you may face dry, scaly, and itchy skin. Sometimes it can lead to inflammation and even blisters.

So, when you treat your feet with a vinegar bath, you basically make this infection go away naturally. Vinegar smells strong and has an anti-fungal effect that will wipe out the infection afters some time and helps you relax. The cherry on top is if you regularly or alternatively do vinegar pedicure, you will be able to manage the infection or reduce the symptoms.

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No more sweaty feet odor

Whether you wear shoes or flip-flops, your feet will always produce the infamous smell of sweaty feet. This condition usually occurs when sweat and bacteria are left on your feet or in your shoes. The best part is that vinegar is effective against both bacteria and fungus. So, a vinegar bath will also help you get rid of the unpleasant odor. If you treat your feet to a vinegar bath occasionally, you won’t have to cover your nose instantly right after taking off your shoes. Remember that the smell of vinegar is not tolerable for everyone, so you need to rinse your feet well after using a vinegar bath.

Natural Remedy for cracked heels and dry feet

It has been observed that dry feet and cracked heels become painful and annoying in winter in some cases. However, if you treat your feet with vinegar, you will naturally moisturize your feet. More chances are that your skin will become smoother after this bath.

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Eczema treatment in babies and toddlers

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A toddler or even a newborn baby may develop this condition in response to an allergy. However, according to Dr. Gilliam, there is no eczema treatment for toddlers and babies, but you can naturally soothe them by using apple cider vinegar mixed in water. Bath them with this liquid, and it will naturally reduce the inflammation and itchy skin in babies and toddlers.


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