Dad Cuts Girl’s Hair Off For Getting Highlights, Mom Steps In


There is no day more special in any child’s life than the day of their birth! They wait the whole year for this important day when their friends and loved ones celebrate them. At that age, nothing is more exciting than to turn another year older. When it comes to children with separated parents, they might even get the opportunity to hold two celebrations! Kelsey Frederick is one such teenager with divorced parents. Her parents Schaffen and Christin appeared to have zero problems coordinating two birthday parties for their precious daughter. However, something came up on the big day. What could have possibly happened?

Two Parties For One Teenage Girl

Kelsey Frederick was about to turn a special age. She was going to be 13 on her birthday, which meant she was finally a teenager! She was looking forward to her two parties, one with each parent. This was a tradition she has gotten used to over time.

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Dad Cuts Girls Hair Off For Getting Highlights Mom Steps In


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